Bible Reference/Citations

Looking for a plugin that will popup the bible text/verse from a Bible reference.

Reference = Genesis 1:1
Popup Text = In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Looking for any tools or tips that can help with Bible study.


There are existing applications for this. I think Joplin is a sub-optimal choice for the use-case you intend.

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The closest Joplin has to what you describe is the plugin “Enable abbreviation syntax”.

In a note you define an abbreviation in the format:

*[KEYWORD]: Meaning of the KEYWORD.

Then wherever the KEYWORD appears in the note text it is shown with a dotted underline and if the mouse is hovered over it the Meaning of the KEYWORD is displayed.

This is a manual process and on a per note basis only so it may not be as flexible as you need.

The footnotes plugin might also be useful here, but it’s also manual and won’t be a popup.