It would be useful to create subnotes, literally popup windows, like comments when editing text in some editors like MS Word.

You can sort of mimic this using the Abbreviation Syntax plugin. However it may not be as flexible as you require.

Plugin Syntax Description
Abbr *[HTML]: Hyper Text Markup Language Allows definition of abbreviations that can be hovered over later for a full expansion. Such as HTML


You can put quite a bit of text into the description / popup.

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I thought of this feature yesterday. As Joplin is based on Markdown I think the solution needs to be based on markdown.
So my idea would be a 2-steps approach:

  1. To be able to create a note (B) out of an other note (A). The result would be that a link to note B is in note A and note B is for example in the same folder or only visible in the note A (not yet clear here)
  2. With step 1 implemented we could get previews to linked contend (other notes, pdfs, …) and than you would have also something like a comment.

Is this understandable?
Because I think in this way you could build great features without breaking the markdown and open format approach of Joplin.

Please give some feedback if the explanation needs more clarification.

Yes, thank you. This is quite exactly what I would want to see implemented.
A couple of point:

  • the link should survive (or not !?) if linked note is moved to another notebook.
  • If note B is linked from A, then there should be a mechanism to find note A from inside of note B.
  • I would treat A and B equally and include a possibility of further linkage.