Is there a way to pop-up a highlighted text?

I'd like to hover over a highlighted text and pop-up a box with some content (text, image and etc). How can I do that?

Typora (another markdown editor) have a resource that shows a pop-up for footnotes (by markdown resource). Is there any similar in Joplin?

Can you provide a screenshot of Typora? Maybe we can implement the feature as a plugin

There is an option that allows a text pop-up to be displayed if a keyword defined within the note is hovered over with the cursor.

Every time that keyword appears it will have a dotted underline and will trigger the pop-up if hovered over.

The markdown required takes the format:

*[trigger word]: pop-up text

The feature can be found in Joplin settings under Markdown > Enable abbreviation syntax (wysiwyg: no).

By its name you can see that this feature is actually intended to allow abbreviations to be defined such as *[HTML]: Hypertext Markup Language, so it may be a bit limited.

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