Hi everyone,

It might be interesting to have a feature to easily insert and rearrange footnotes in a document. By a plugin maybe...

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Have you tried the footnote feature of Joplin yet? It can be enabled in Options-> Markdown.
If you have problems with it, then it would be great if you could add some detail about how your proposed plugin would overcome those issues.

Hi @CalebJohn

Yes of course I already use this feature. It works very well to recognize the syntax. I was thinking more of something that would help insert footnotes with a shortcut and allow to reorder it in the markdown code. By reordering I mean that the number of footnotes in the markdown code is automatically put in the order of appearance... like in the preview. It's more readable for long texts.

Maybe we could imagine that the note reference is inserted at the place in the text where the cursor is located when the keyboard shortcut (or the command) is pressed, and that the note itself is inserted at the end of the text in a level 2 section called "notes" or "footnotes".


What about inline footnotes? Could that help?

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