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Plugin: Bible Citation

This plugin takes a bible citation from the text editor and displays the quote on the viewer.

You can cite multiple verses from the same chapter, multiple chapters from the same book, or even a range from book to book:

(Juan 3:16-17,18)
(Salmos 1:1, 16:1-2)
(Génesis 1 - Éxodo 40)

First, thanks for the plugin. I'll find it useful. But for now, I can't get it to work. What kind of file do I need? I downloaded the ESV in xml format, but I can't get it to work. Do you have a link to Bible files that will work with the plugin? I'm using Joplin 2.4.9.


Cool! Thanks for making this. Have you added it to the official repository?

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No real need, but would be a fun exercise:

  • Convert a public-domain or a King James Version bible into Joplin import format. With
  • Every bible-book a notebook
  • Every chapter a note
  • Every verse number an H1 header
  • With cross references as links and backlinks
  • With links to previous and next chapter in each note.

And with the right plugins: show a graph.

:grin: But you know, just because it can be done.

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@DanteCoder Any ideas on why the plugin isn't working for me? I've tried various xml files but to no avail. (See my post above from 3 days ago.) Thanks.

One could imagine a similar plugin for Marx's capital :thinking:

What am I doing wrong? The plugin is correctly installed.

Also, where can i find the .xml files? I would like to add the latin Vulgate bible.


Yes, the bibles are in the source code. I think that you have to recompile it changing the path to the xml bible in OSIS format.
Im looking for help to add an option to select a desired bible file from settings.

The xml file has to be in OSIS format. I added some bibles in that format in the source code. But if you would like to add a new bible you have to recompile changing the path to you OSIS bible.
I want to fix that but as i'm very new to programming I would use some help to add an option to select the bible file from the settings.

Not yet, as the plugin It's in its first stages and I think there is some work to do. btw how can I add it to the official repo? I'm very new to the Joplin community.

Would be nice to convert e-Sword bblx files to work with this plug-in.

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There is a program to convern any bible format from one another. It's called " Church Software: Simple Bible Reader / Converter"
I used that software to convert a normal xml bible to osis xml, but I think it supports e-Sword bibles.