[Beta Test] Joplin Server 2.2.7-beta - Admin email change

When a user now tries to change account details the page states:

For security reasons the email cannot currently be changed. To request a change please contact admin@localhost

However I have changed the email address of the admin user and even restarted the server but the admin email address change is not reflected on the user's account page.

Thanks, I'll check. It's setup so that admins can change emails normally.

I can't replicate this with 2.2.7 - from the admin account I can change any email address. Could you provide the steps to replicate this?

Sorry I was not clear. I was referring to that fact that if the admin changes their email address the note on a user's page about contacting the admin no longer gives the correct admin account email.


That is not the admin's email address on this server.

Oh I see. What's displayed here is actually the env variable SUPPORT_EMAIL, and if it's not defined it defaults to the static "admin@localhost" email (it won't try to guess the email because there can be multiple admins).

Maybe I should default to an empty string so that it's less confusing, but in the meantime you can change this using the SUPPORT_EMAIL variable.

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I assumed that there was only one admin as at the moment there does not appear to be a way of "promoting" any user to an admin. If this is in the pipeline then I can see why that env variable is needed.

I personally think that at this stage of the server development an empty string would possibly be more confusing to anyone else stumbling over this issue.