Beta editor feedback- cursor jumps around then Joplin crashes

I attempted to use the Beta WYSIWYG editor on Android today.

Here is the result:

  1. I tapped the second line in a note, the cursor jumped to the first line.
  2. I tapped again on the second line, it stayed this time.
  3. I type a 'd' key, a 'd' was printed then the cursor jumped to the front of the new d character.
  4. I tapped the cursor behind the 'd' key, the cursor jumped up 3 times and Joplin crashed.
  5. Open Joplin again, load the same note, tape the d and Joplin crashes immediately.

This is almost identical to the test I tried around 6 months ago. Are others seeing the same behavior or is my experience worse. If it crashes immediately it would seem to be more alpha than beta but I had the exact same experience on a different phone 6 months ago.

I would like to know others experiences because I want to use Joplin for to do and task lists however markdown on mobile is not feasible.

Is there active development happening on this new editor?

Some context in this linked post