Inaccurate iOS cursor placement

Version: 10.1.0 (appeared since 10.0.53 from memory)
OS: iOS 13.7 and iOS 14

Since ~10.0.53, in all larger notes when editing in the standard editor (not experimental), scrolling several pages past the current cursor position, and tapping, will jump the cursor position only a few lines from its previous position (jumping the scroll bar back), not where it should be. Happens intermittently with no current discernible pattern. Happens with any long file.

There is one error in log that occurs during sync (but not during the above occurrence when editing files): "RevisionService::collectRevisions:", "URIError: String contained an illegal UTF-16 sequence."

Has anyone else had this issue?



I first noticed this last night.

iOS 14.0.1, Joplin 10.1.0.

This bug has made editing documents greater than one page (as-viewed on iOS) effectively impossible. Joplin for iOS can really only be used read-only for larger documents now.

Is there any particular way to escalate this matter, given this bug affects editing on every iOS device I have? Do I need to make a screen recording?

Another possibly related issue: if dragging the cursor itself (tapping and holding cursor, then dragging, that was introduced since iOS13), the cursor will jump to the start or end of the document, and cannot be moved anywhere else.

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GitHub Issue created: #3865


Hi everyone, I confirm the issue on iOS. I recently migrated from Evernote. This bug is the only trouble in my happy Joplin experience.

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I added a video to demonstrate the issue:

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Fixed ! Thank you very much, this is a major improvement.
(IOS 14.5.1, Joplin 10.8.1)