Anyone using the beta editor on iOS?

The beta editor, as the name says, is not quite production ready and in fact had to be disabled on Android since it makes the app crashes. I wonder if anyone's using it on iOS? Would there be any objection if I remove the feature for now?

This is because I'm upgrading the mobile app at the moment and keeping this part might be tricky, but maybe there's no need if it's not used much.


FWIW I use the mobile app almost daily, but I never use the beta editor. Mostly I read on my iPad and create notes on desktop. Even when I create notes on the iPad I am happy with the "standard" editor.

Personally I have no objection at all :slight_smile:

I’m using the iOS app but i never turn on opt in to the editor beta. So I won’t miss it

I use the beta editor, but I am ok with it being removed. I prefer it because you are editing immediately when you open a note, but wish the preview mode worked a little differently (split screen is not ideal for my flow).

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I use the iOS version and tried the beta editor, but it never really worked for me and crashed more often than not

I use te iOS version and i actived the beta editor today. I don’t use it, i prefer the classical editor :slight_smile:

I use Joplin on both iOS and iPadOs and I usually stick with the standard editor, split view on the iPhone isn’t much attractive.
Instead, Joplin is the only app that stops me from upgrading to iOS14 (I read in the GitHub issues page about some glitches on the new iOS), so I really prefer the app upgrade than being able to use the beta editor.

Btw, thanks a lot for the outstanding Joplin!


Thanks for the feedback!

I'd be tempted to disable the beta editor for now and see if anyone complains. It's the kind of editor we'd need eventually, but the underlying React Native text input component is too unreliable to get it working well at the moment.

As of RN v0.63 it's still not good. Maybe in a future version, someone will come up with a reliable text input component, and then we can enable that editor again.