Carriage returns for additional spacing?

I'd like to use carriage returns for additional space between text, however, these are ignored. The only way I can get space between text is by using <br> tags, I've also tried two empty spaces at the end of a line and also \. Peripherally I'd like to be able to just use returns with no additional text.

The markdown option for Enable soft breaks is unchecked. Am I misunderstanding something?

Correct example text
empty line
return/empty line
return/empty line
Correct example text

Incorrect example text
Incorrect example text

The WYSIWYG editor does not support empty lines, except when using <br>

I'm using the Markdown editor, not the experimental WYSIWYG editor.

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean?

As far as I know this is the standard Markdown behaviour. Try the same thing in this forum and the multiple empty lines will be collapsed into one too. As Tessus mentioned you need to use <br> to force a new line, or use something like * * * to separate blocks of text.

This is a little disappointing to hear, but thank you.

I use WYSIWYG only.

Could it be possible that in this mode adding extra lines silently puts a
or whatever Markdown code so the empty lines persist ?

The Rich Text editor is experimental so I haven't been using it. However, if you make a change such as spaces and then switch to Markdown editor the spaces get reset.

Another thing about the WYSIWYG is that it's easy to overwrite a document, at least with Markdown editor you can switch the view after a change which kind of stops accidental modifications.

That's why I meant : I don't know/use mardown, but isn't a code to mean "blank line" so we can insert this code while in WYSIWYG and it remains?

If the WYSIWYG editor could switch to the Viewer like it can with Markdown editor, it would solve both concerns.

Not sure to understand. If you open a Notepad, Word or any source file, you can also modify and loose everything. WYSIWYG is just an editor. I'm not sure what's your problem is with this. Apart you'd like a "Note locked" button ? Like a read-only note?

I just told you exactly what the problem is. If you're using Rich Text editor, you cannot use the Viewer, this is only available while using Markdown editor. Modifying a doc with Rich Text editor, then switching to Markdown editor naturally you'll lose your markup.

The solution to that would be an option to disable Markdown editor along with the ability to use the Viewer on docs created with Rich Text editor.

Sorry but still can't understand.
When using WYSIWYG, you don't need a viewer, as you directly see what you typed.
WYSIWYG is the viewer.

If the problem is to have a read only note, then this could be done with a read only toggle button.

Incorrect. WYSIWYG is not the viewer. The Viewer cannot be edited and in a sense IS the read-only toggle you suggested. A user can mistakenly make a modification while in Rich Text editor and not notice. Hence my previous suggestion that Viewer be available to both editors.

Anyway, no need for further debate. Perhaps I'll make a feature suggestion to have the Viewer available to the Rich Text editor.

Instead of multiple <br>, you can put one <div> with adjustable height:

Probably far from perfect for you, but it might do the job.