Backstage Plugin No Longer Functions

I've already noted this on github but, as I've not had a response there, I'm appealing to other users here...

Initial set-up seemed to go well. However, after restarting Joplin and then hitting the Backstage icon, the QR Code dialogue box does not appear. The only visible box is the one summarising the connected device. Hence, I have no way to link the phone.

When entering the server details manually, I'm able to access the server's web page. However, as it requests me to scan the QR code or enter a valid OTP, I'm unable to connect because I've not been presented with either.

  • Has anybody else experienced this?
  • Can anybody recommend a solution?

Joplin 2.9.17 running on Mac OS Big Sur

Could you try with the latest 2.10 pre-release? As it includes fixes for plugins

I could, I suppose. However, I've always tried to stay away from pre-releases as I'm paranoid about losing my data.