2.12.15 calling home?

Using Joplin app v2.12.15 on Macos 12.6.x. I updated the app a few days ago and noticed that since the update the app is always trying to reach the site: objects.joplinusercontent.com. Normally it will check for updates but this website connection is something new.

I don't use the Joplin cloud to sync so I wonder why, as of this new version, it will always try to connect to this website. What is this and why is the app trying to connect to it?

I don't remember reading anything in the notes about the update to include a statement about this either.

App trying to connect is:
Applications/Joplin.app/Contents/Frameworks/Joplin Helper (Renderer).app/Contents/MacOS/Joplin Helper (Renderer)

Any info to help understand what is going on would be appreciated.


This is documented here: Joplin Privacy Policy | Joplin

It's checking for new versions and you can disable this check in the options

Thank you @laurent .
Did the site where the check for new versions change in v2.12.15? If it hasn't then I have to check on something on my Mac.
I've been happily using Joplin for a few years so haven't revisited the Privacy Policy otherwise I would have seen it.

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Yes the url is different now, but it's not really a new feature (since auto-update is not new) so I don't think it ended up in the changelog

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