Plugin: Backstage - Paste files directly from phone

Hi there,
I have been working on a plugin to import photos/files from phone directly to your Joplin desktop app. I have also previously discussed it here some time ago.
What this plugin does is it starts a lightweight server and shows the QR code of a unique login link to the user, the link (and the QR code) changes every 30 seconds to reduce chances of brute-force attacks. The link opens up a webpage using which you can upload files, images, texts etc directly to your note and it will get pasted to your note on desktop. The whole process does not use/require internet connection but you need to be on same network (like WiFi or LAN). There is also an option to temporarily disable the service if you plan on not use it for some time.


  • Does not require internet or any 3rd party services.
  • Super fast file transfer since it uses your local network.
  • Use phone camera to instantly take photos, scan documents and paste it.
  • Ability to disable the service when not required without logging out your device.
  • Works with almost any OS and device type: iOS, Android, Windows, phones, desktops (anything that can run a modern browser).
  • No need for USB cables, file transfer happens over your local network.
  • Built to be as lightweight as possible.
  • Can use it to type or copy large texts from other devices.

Demo video



repo: GitHub - asrient/backstage
npm: joplin-plugin-backstage - npm


Thanks for making this! I'm not sure it is something that I would use, but it seems like it would be useful to many people.

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Hey @asrient

Thanks a lot for making this plugin available. It is fast, slick and helps my workflow.

I am wondering if it is also possible to use the same backend mechanism to sync all of Joplin (notes, notebooks etc.) between phone and the desktop? This would allow fast direct syncing.

Some related topics with use cases,

Cheers !

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I'm glad you found this plugin useful.

I am wondering if it is also possible to use the same backend mechanism to sync all of Joplin (notes, notebooks etc.) between phone and the desktop? This would allow fast direct syncing.

The backend simply starts a server and lets clients send some media/texts which it then appends to the note body, syncing is quite a different process. Syncing involves maintaining a common folder (either on cloud or remote fs) collectively.

I think what you are trying to do here is to make your desktop the sync target for other devices, it's an interesting idea and lots of ways to implement if you think about it. The closest possible way right now would be to use the filesystem sync that you mentioned in the links. And you can also use WebDAV sync option on your phone to connect it to your desktop.
To elaborate, your desktop app is set to sync to a folder on your computer, after this you setup a webDAV server on your computer that will give others access to that folder, next you set your mobile Joplin app to sync to that webDAV server (linking to that particular folder).
But all this is a tedious process and not practical if your local ip changes often.

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Thanks for the explanation, I have a better idea of what to look for now

It would be nice to have a easy to use mechanism where even a one way sync from desktop to phone is possible through the local network.

So far the options are,

  1. File system sync + copy to phone
  2. Local webdav server on the desktop
  3. Local nextcloud / other microservice on the desktop

Cheers !

I like this, saves on having to send the file through a messaging app to the PC/Joplin.
Now, It almost seem like you could do this...but I haven't been successful.

Can the plugin, installed on one PC to Joplin, be allowed to have more than one wireless device upload through the plugin?
I connected my phone, but could not connect with my tablet - even if I used the same web page book mark on the tablet. It asks for a valid OPT cold, which is a part of the URL, but the second device never connects.

I hope this is a future feature to come, if not already there and just not figuring out what to do to allow more than one device upload.

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Currently it’s designed to have only one companion device connected at a time.

Supporting multiple companions will require some ui and logic changes but definitely is possible. Will try to take it up sometime when I get time.

You can also raise an issue on the plugin’s repo to keep track of the feature.

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Thanks for the consideration. I know the alternative is to forget device and connect the other, back and forth. A nuisance, but not the worst thing.

Amazing PLugin. thank you! This is so useful when adding photos into longer text Notes.
The multi-device feature would be much appreciated as I have 2 phones and an iPad which I use all the time.

By the way, bringing in a lot of photos will significantly increase data volume fo rthe Joplin app. Is this going to be a problem?