Backslash in md editor changes in md viewer


I use links to open files on disk. But, for example, "c:\folder\file" in the md editor becomes "c%5Cfolder%5Cfile" in the md viewer.

Can this be modified?

OS: Windows 10
Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, win32)

Weird, that doesn't seem to happen on mine:

Are you switching to the richtext editor at all? (Not that I can get it to show like that either).

Thanks @Daeraxa,

The problem is with links style [File name](c:\temp\file.txt). This happens with the md viewer and with the rich text editor as well. Links to the Internet work fine, the problem is with links to local files.

The text "c:\temp\file.txt" alone doesn't work as a link.

Oh right, I see what you are getting at now. Does the link itself work if you click it or is it just the content of the link that is bad (e.g. if you right click > copy link address).

What happens if you use unix style forward slashes instead?

Eureka :ok_hand:

Using unix style forward slashes everything works fine.

Thank you very much :smiley:

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