File paths with German Umlaut do not work for me.

I would like to use Joplin instead of (OneNote, CherryTree, etc.), but Markdown links to the local filesystem, with German Umlaute (äüöÄÜÖß) included, do not work.

Configuration: Joplin 1.0.111 portable Win32 on Window 10.

Link to c:\Mühle <= German word for 'mill'
file:///c:/mühle/ <= Does not work :frowning:

or translated to html URL:
file:///c:/m%C3%BChle/ <= Does not work :frowning:

Link to c:\Muehle
file:///c:/muehle/ <= Works :slight_smile:

Even more strange

<a href="file:///c:/m%C3%BChle/">HTML Link</a>
the content of the preview windows disappears.

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file:// URLs aren't officially supported so they may or may not work. That being said, I've improved their handling a bit in the next version (but again, they may or may not work :slight_smile: )

Thanks - Jens

PS: Is there a manual with official support s.