Auto write path in Joplin

Hi all :slight_smile:,

I write a lot of testcases in Joplin and it awesome it allow me to use the .md format
So I can generate checkboxes really fast :partying_face: !

Still one question:

I have to write a lot of paths (we test code with a program that hits php endpoints).
So in my how to test I write someting like this:

program -> EndPoint -> getSomeData -> fromUser -> byUserId -> orderBy et cetera.

Is it possible to autocomplete this (or make a list of this, we have about 100+ endpoints haha)?

There's no such feature at the moment.

It should be relatively easy to make a plugin that'd provide autocomplete either based on the text in the current note, like Notepad++ does for example, or from a file with a list of completions.

It will be a great idea.

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I understand,

Now I hope someone else has the time to unwind this as I am a little short of time myself to look at this :slight_smile:

Look into AutoHotKey for Windows, or Autokey for Linux, maybe it can tide you over until someone comes up with a plugin. These utilities can take the tedium out of scenarios such as you describe

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