Shortcut for "Copy link to current note"

Please, add a shortcut for “Copy link to current note”.
Thats needed for automation with AutoHotKey - running python script that accessing Joplin API

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I think you might be able to achieve that level of automation using the command line joplin. I’m not sure though

No, scenario for example:

  • In Joplin I am press <My_AHK_Hotkey>
  • AutoHotKey script emulate hotkey “Copy link to current note” <— Thats copy link needed to implement in Joplin
  • AutoHotKey script run python script " "
  • Python script “” connects to Joplin and modify current note

Oh very cool use case, I’ll look into making a pull request for this.

edit: Looks like it’s a bit more complicated than I expected, you might have to look into doing this yourself (I can point you in the right direction if you want)