Unnecessary update dialog, download fails

Tonight my Windows Joplin displayed a dialog asking if I want to update. Since I just updated a few days ago, I checked the website to see if the current version really had incremented & it hadn’t.

Out of curiosity I clicked ‘Yes’ to see what it would do & it started downloading a newer version than I had previously updated with, and the download failed with a ‘network error’ in Chrome.

I looked on the Joplin page on GitHub to see if that new file was there & it was the same current version as the homepage.

I didn’t see anywhere in the Joplin settings that would allow me to turn off its auto update. Would like to not have an update dialog when there’s no update that I could download independently of the update dialog in the app.

Actually there has been a new release 17h ago: link to the Windows download.

Maybe the network error was due to some other connection issue.

In the General Options is a checkbox Automatically update the application which you can uncheck and then the app won’t check for new releases.

I tried it again & the network error didn’t happen this time. The new version downloaded successfully via both the app’s update dialog & via the link you provided.

Why is this an in-app-only update? As I mentioned previously I looked on both the github page & the website & it’s not there. Both continue to offer the older version, which is visible in the link hover info in the statusbar on the screenshots below.


I think Laurent just forgot to update the README.md and the web site.

Anyway, you will always find the latest version here: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/releases/latest

Fantastic, thanks!