Attachment lost after evernote import


Short :

My joplin notebook contains
~ 2500 notes imported from evernote (enex)
~ 550 notes created from within joplin
It’s synced through multiple devices with webdav

After import, I did randomly check some notes, but no attachments.

Today, looking for an old note, I needed the attachment -> the link is displayed, but no file behind …

Now, what do you thing would be the best strategy to recover that … (I have the evernote exported .enex files, and still access to the evernote account).



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If there are many notes, it takes time for everything to be downloaded.

Also maybe can you try to reimport the notes and see if the attachments are there to begin with? If not, it could be some issue with the way the notes are imported. If you could identify any such note, export only that one as ENEX and share it here that might help fix the problem.

Ok, thanks Laurent,

Nothing to do with download time, everything is up and running for weeks now.

It’s very strange : picking up some very old notes (imported from evernote), I find existing attachments …

So, if I first try to re-import all evernote notes in my existing collection to check if the issue is related to import (or original exported enex files), I’ll have a mess of “first importation” ones and “second try” … that’s not really what I want !

Is there a way to, in my actual joplin collection, delete all notes older than $date before re importing enex ?

@narsil, something like this?

Sorry for the late answer, I tried (and failed) a lot of processes before going in the “hard way”.

I still don’t know how, but lots of my attachments were duplicated or tripled in the .resource directory, with of course a big mess and a huge directory size … so, the only way I had was to export all new notes (created within Joplin) delete everything (config files on different devices and webdav target and reimport everything from original evernote exports and joplin exports, and now everything’s up and smooth … (I’ve spared more than 600 Mb of webdav space, that was my duplicated attachments)



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