Application short cut overlap

The Application shortcut on the Mac which foregrounds Joplin, Cmd+Option+J is identical to (and shadows) a developer shortcut for Chrome which activates the debugger.

Is there a way to edit or deactivate Joplin application shortcuts to prevent this?


No, we thought about removing the global shortcut again (until the new shortcut system is developed), but I am still waiting on Laurent’s input.

On the other side, why should Joplin be the app to change or deactivate the shortcut? Why don’t you change the shortcut in Chrome or ask Google to change it?


Changing the google shortcut is certainly a workaround, but I would much prefer to have the option to edit any shortcut. It should be the user’s prerogative.

Hey @jbum,
That feature is being worked on as part of GSoC.