API for rename folder

HI, fatastic joplin.... Here is one feature request. Once folder renamed, I expect to have notification atuomatically by API in order to sync folder name in another system. Is it possible to become true??


  1. Right click on a notebook. Select Edit.
  2. Change Title to a new one on the opened dialog, click OK.

Expected to happen:
There's an workspace event to inform that the notebook(folder) has been updated just like joplin.workspace.onNoteChange does for a note change event.

Can you explain the benefit ?

If this API unavailable, we have to always delete that old folder by hand on the sever. It seems like one bug. Since it's published to other platform, it could cause misunderstanding, which is corret?? Really expect to have this API. I suppose others could need it. Appreciating your assistance kindly.

You could try a workaround by implementing a poll-based approach:

Every X minutes:

  • Fetch and store all notebooks (id and title) via plugin data API
  • Compare against the last iteration
  • If there is a change, create the notebook change event for the corresponding notebook

You could do that even from an external script by using the data API.

Noted solution with tks a lot!! But still expect this API service.... That solution could cause heavier workload. Kindly hope to take a note and in the future it become true.....