Can we run the server as a background process?

Hello there,

I have discovered Joplin and like it a lot because it is OSS and has a viable API that I can use to integrate my notes into some workflows. However, the API cannot be used when the desktop app is closed.

On MacOS I have configured Joplin to open at login. But, there are still cases where I quit Joplin and the API becomes unavailable.

So, my question is:
Is there a way to start the service as a background process so that the API is always available ?

I think I have seen something on that subject somewhere in the doc but cannot find it again.

I think you may need to set this to autostart and run minimized by default



You can also install joplin terminal and run with

joplin server start

However I don't know about your usage, but it may be not recommanded to run both desktop and terminal on the same profile...

Thanks, that seems to be a good solution.
But my usage is to use the desktop app. What could be the effect of running both at the same time if I do not plan to use the terminal app?

By default, the terminal and desktop apps have their own profile folders, so you would have two copies of your data.
You could point the terminal app to the same profile folder the desktop is using to save space, but if you then run both at the same time, you will damage your profile and your data, so definitely don't do that.

But if you just run them normally and in parallel, it should work, I think. (Double-check which port your API is using in that case.)

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