Android Synchronization Hangs

Im running the joplin app on an update to date pixel 3 and trying to sync it with nextcloud. The desktop app syncs with my nextcloud so I am assuming the path and credentials are valid. If use the check synchronization button it will stay on “Checking… Please wait”. If I force close the app and initiate a manual sync it will never complete, if I click cancel sync it will say “cancelling…” until i force close the app. Anecdotally I feel like its an issue with cached data from awhile back when I gave joplin a try because I noticed that after updating my next cloud sync credentials and url(than saving) they reverted back to the old credentials after I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it.

Here is a pastebin to my sync debug file


Try to uninstall and reinstall the app if there’s still the state from your previous attempts, and let the sync finish. Maybe it doesn’t hang it’s just show.

I just uninstalled/reinstalled again and this time the settings from the original server where still there but when i updated the server info than save/sync its working properly.