Functing Nextcloud/Joplin setup broken after move to Raspberry Pi

I had Nextcloud on a VPS, and my 20,000-note Joplin archive synced fine on all my platforms (Linux, Windows, Android).

Recently I decided to try to self-host my Nextcloud on a Raspberry Pi 4B (8Gb RAM, overclocked to 2.2Ghz), but now Joplin won't sync. Regular file sync works fine (though slightly slower than on the cloud instance.)

What I did was simply:

  1. Copy my Joplin directory (along with all my other files) from the VPS to the new Nextcloud server (the data directory of which sits on a USB3.2 drive connected to the Pi).
  2. Delete and reinstall the Joplin apps on my Android phone (Joplin 2.3.4) and Windows 10 laptop (Joplin 2.3.3)
  3. Connect both to the new Nextcloud server url like I did before when it was working. The "check synchronization" test gives me "Success! Sync config appears to be correct" on both Joplin instances.

Yet when I proceed to sync, the wheel just spins and no notes are imported, even when I leave them to try for an hour. The error log on the Android app says, among other things, "could not refresh lock ... lock has expired".

What am I doing wrong? Is this a hardware issue or a Joplin configuration issue? Happy to provide more detailed logs, but I thought I'd outline the contours of the problem first, in case there's something basic I've overlooked.

We'd need to see the log to know more.

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OK so this is from the mobile app. (Apologies if it's not the relevant part; I'm relatively new to Joplin and still find the log ecosystem a bit confusing.)

It can happen with a slow phone, server or internet connection. If you try again it should work.

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Ok thanks, I will keep trying.

Out of curiosity, what is it that makes the initial Joplin sync so much slower than other data transfer processes? Also, is there a write-up somewhere of how to interpret the log?

Update: I gave up on the Raspberry Pi as a base for Nextcloud. The syncing my old Joplin archive was extremely slow on mobile and wouldn't start at all in the Windows desktop app. Joplin is vital to my workflow, so it was a dealbreaker for my Nextcloud-on-Pi experiment. I moved my Nextcloud to an old desktop running Ubuntu Server, and now Joplin syncs just fine on all platforms.

Have you considered experimenting with Joplin Server on the R Pi instead? There seem to be quite a few success stories with it.

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I haven't, because I was under the impression that Joplin Server does not work with Joplin Terminal, which I use quite a bit. (The ability to script stuff via the terminal app is one of Joplin's main draws for me.)

I assume that would be related to running the terminal app on the machine hosting the server but I've not heard much about this limitation (if there is one).

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I could be wrong abt this; I'll look into it. Thanks for the suggestion

Yes the terminal app works fine with Joplin Server, however someone reported similarly strange performance issues with it on Raspberry pi

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