Android App option to set parent Notebook when creating a Notebook

Searched Feature requests and didn’t see this here.

When using the android app i can create a new notebook but i have no option to set a parent notebook. Is there an option for this i am missing? If not maybe the “rename” nokebook option can be renamed to notebook settings and add a dropdown for parent Notebook so we can properly manage sub notebooks in Android?


That would be great. Even better if you could move notebooks on Android.
Another way would be to integrate the option “new folder” when you hit the “+” button inside a notebook beside the existing options “new todo” and “new note”. That would help me a lot.

I second this feature request.

Both being able to create sub-notebooks and the ability to move notebooks around (like with notes) would be most useful

see this abandoned PR

Is this still not a feature in Android?

Is it possible that this still is an issue?
I cannot find an option for parent notebook or moving a notebook.