Android app constant crashes after sync setup

Version: 1.0.316
OS: Android 10
Device: OnePlus 6


The android app crashes a few seconds/up to a minute after setting up the sync process with Dropbox.

The sync log shows that decryption failed on many files.

I imported my Evernote notes to the desktop app (Windows 10) previously, and turned on encryption.

Please help,

syncReport-1583502609153.txt (105.1 KB)

EDIT: I noticed that the Google Play store version was slightly outdated, so I decided to try version 1.0.318 from Github.

But the same issue persists unfortunately.

This is the sync log from version 1.0.318

syncReport-1583505355539.txt (85.9 KB)

Can you provide a crash dump?

Which version should I get a crash dump for?
316 or 318?

Will the crash dump contain the contents of my notes?

From 318 if possible, and it won’t contain the content of your notes.


I included some screenshots because there is a slight issue at the top of the app in version 318 that wasn’t in 316. There’s an extra bar along the top. It’s also half white in dark mode. You’ll see what I mean in the email.

I was using version 318.

I figured out the issue. It was totally my mistake. I didn’t read the known bugs section on the front page. I had an attachment that was bigger than 10mb.
After removing that note, everything seems to be working fine.
There is still that slight UI issue in the android app, but the crash issue was totally on me. Sorry about that.
Should I mark this thread as solved?

I’m not sure if I’m correct in thinking this, but according to this:

The note with the large attachment shouldn’t have synced to the mobile app at all? Or was that changed later? I guess that part isn’t working correctly? Or maybe it was just changed.

So the app on my phone shouldn’t have synced the note in the first place, but did for some reason, causing the crash? Or maybe it was something else.

The file in question was 60mb.