Attachments on Android

The online help still says that attachments over 10 MB will crash the mobile app when syncing. I'm assuming that this is no longer true?

I just imported everything from Evernote into Joplin Desktop, setup encryption, then synced to my Android phone via Dropbox. I have many attachments larger than 10 MB. I was able to open several of them, including the largest (152 MB) on the phone.


Essentially the issue still persists: The mobile app can display resources greater than 10 MB without crashing but not sync them.

This was the issue: Mobile - App crashes when syncing large resources (greated than 10MB) · Issue #371 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

And this is the commit All: Fixes #371 (sort of): Allow resources greater than 10 MB but the… · laurent22/joplin@565dfba · GitHub

The limit is 100mb, not 10. Even that isn't needed in my opinion

So resources ≤100 MB get synced? Why is it no longer needed?


The underlying bug has been fixed long ago, the limit is an extra precaution.

I see. Thanks for clarifying.

So, that 152 MB attachment that synced to my phone, and that I opened, must have been an illusion or a fluke.

Yeah, that's interesting. Could be a bug in this check I suppose

How about this threshold?

Forgot about this one! I think it can be removed too, there's no need to keep it.

However this limit only applies when attaching files on mobile. The original question was about a file attached elsewhere and synced to mobile.


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