Android app closes within seconds

Hi there!.
I really like Joplin and I use it daily in the windows desktop version.
On my tablet it used to work well, but a while ago I see that when I open it within a few seconds of trying to synchronize, the app gets blocked, and shortly after it closes. Not only that, but my tablet runs out of icons on the screen and takes a few seconds to reset.
I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but every time I open it in Windows I get the warning that it can’t sync three notes, and Joplin is continually going around in sync, second by second.

In android I lowered the number of simultaneous synchronizations from 5 to 3, but there is no case and everything keeps on blocking.
Although I saw a similar case, this happens using VPN or without it.

Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite tablet.
Android 8.0 & Emui 8.0
Joplin app 1.0.324
I attach the android error log below.
Thank you!.

Could you show the complete log? (Not just the error messages)

Also if the app is crashing, could you provide a crash log?

Ok, I hope it works for you. You do a great job.

I made the bug report as a developer, but there is too much personal information. ¨
There are more than 217,000 lines in 48 seconds, and I did not use the full report option.
Could you tell me approximately what information you need from there to share it with you?

If you search in the file, you should find a line FATAL EXCEPTION: main followed by Process: net.cozic.joplin and a stack trace. If you could copy these lines I think it’s all that’s needed.

I fixed one issue which would prevent the decryption loop you were seeing above, but not sure if it was related to the crash.

I’m glad the information helps you. I copied the following lines into Fatal EXCEPTION from where net.cozic.joplin appears several times so you can see the whole process. I hope is what you are looking for…

report.txt (208.3 KB)