Alarm (Joplin 2.6.10)

I wanted to set an alarm but the icon (little bell) is greyed out.
What can I do?

Kind regards


Is your note a to-do type? It doesn't work for "normal" notes.

When I create an alarm for a to-do note the app freezes. After selecting date and time everything freezes as soon as I press save. I can only get it going again by exiting, removing the app from background apps and restarting it.
Android 2.6.8

After restarting Joplin the bell icon became black and usable.
But no alarm shows up (to-do type).
And how can I get repeating alarms (daily weekly etc)?



When you say it doesn't show up, you mean when it was set to go off and it didn't notify you?
As for repeating alarms, I don't think that is possible, I think it is just a one time thing currently.

Could you post some of the logs? How to enable debugging | Joplin

Is it about the desktop app, the mobile app, or both? And on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android or iOS, and which version? Because alarm handling is completely different depending on the platform and OS version (i.e. not the same on Windows 7 and 10).

When you create a support post there's a template and it's there for a reason, so please don't just delete it and ignore it.

Unfortunately I can not seem to find a way to enable developer options on my phone (Android 10)

No need for that, just the log file as displayed

In the Configuration screen, press on the Log button and post a screenshot of any error/warning.

I can replicate the problem every time I try but no errors in the log :person_shrugging:

Here is the Konsole report:
Joplin Konsole Mac-Analyse.txt (1.7 KB)

Mac mini 2020, MacOS 11.6.2



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