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Android 10/Q and Syncthing Future

This is a heads up for those who use Syncthing on Android about future problems that may be coming your way.

I use the Syncthing-fork app and noticed in the most recent release notes a warning that Google’s use of scoped storage and kernel restrictions may lead to Syncthing breaking completely and with no way to fix it. The current sentiment seems to be that this could completely end Syncthing on Android.

Most of this is over my head, but More from the Syncthing-fork developer here: https://github.com/Catfriend1/syncthing-android/issues/457.

For me this world mean having to completely change my current sync approach for Joplin and several other things as well.

I’ve moved the topic to #lounge, because the #apps category is for scripts and apps that make use of Joplin. IMO Syncthing does not fit the profile.

Good call. Wondered about that, but description for apps said third party, but now realizing that’s third party Joplin apps. :+1:

It’s a trend I really dislike about Android. They are taking away more and more user-friendly features and locking down devices in the name of “security”. Security all relative since of course Google apps have full access to everything.

For now, I guess we can only expect things to go that way, and it will more and more difficult to use Joplin filesystem sync in Android.

While I certainly hate how they mess with the filesystem access every few years (WHY? even going back 20 years Linux probably had enough access control features even for decent servers, never mind for small mobile devices that are in most practical implementations single user - I mean end-user as the apps run under different UIDs) I also don’t fell comfortable to sync a sqlite db at filesystem level. Maybe it’s much better after all to just use Joplin’s fancy sync mechanism.

Maybe I have misunderstood the setup, but with Syncthing, I believe the assets (.md files and attachments) are what are synced. Joplin still does it’s own sync and get’s the DB up to date, separate from the Syncthing file movement stuff

Regardless, if Syncthing will soon cease to be a functional item for Android, I will have to move to a different sync system for my various files - Joplin stuff included. Looking more and more like I will move towards Nextcloud. I have an older desktop that I’m toying with converting to a FreeNas box at home, and putting a Nextcloud instance on that. Just not sure I want to put the time into learning what all I’d need for that.

Nextcloud is a cloud, not a sync tool. You can upload/download on demand, but no sync.