Andorid Nested Notebook Syncing Issue

Good day,

I've throughly enjoy Joplin but recently have ran into an issue. I've been working to reorganize my notebooks. A good part of this has been nesting notebooks among one another from my Linux desktop (PopOS 20.04 LTS) of the app (v1.0.245). To my frustration the nesting structure isn't syncing to my Android (And 11 Sept patch) App (v1.0.339) which is the main place I want the nesting.

At some point prior it has synced a nested folder set from a previous system before so I know it at least was possible, but that was awhile ago and I don't have ver numbers or anything.

Please let me know if I should attach anything else or if there is a known fix to this issue?

Thank you!

After finding a note in another thread about resetting the app I gave it a try.

  1. Cache clear, no luck
  2. Storage clear, no luck
  3. Reinstall, almost but not quite
  4. Storage clear (after reinstall), repopulate setting and decryption key and BOOM its matching! That seemed to be the hangup.
    I tried this after I noticed two new folder I have just created and synced had properly nested in the device.
    So the root of this issue?
    New folders it seems to play nice with when it comes to sub-folders but not old reorganizing old ones?