Android - reinstall - notebooks and tags are not synchronizing

Due to having had to perform a hard reset, I've needed to reinstall Joplin on Android 11.

When I synchronize (OneDrive) the tags and the folders are not brought across.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the problem persists. Losing the folder structure is a major
problem for me, as well as the tags.

What am I missing?

  • The version you are using.
    Android 1.26

  • The operating system you are using.
    Android 11

  • If you can also please provide a log, as described here:
    Interestingly, if I "export debug report", I get a confirmation message, but nothing gets saved.
    ALL PERMISSIONS GRANTED: camera, files, location

Hello. For whomever runs into a similar problem, checking uxamanda's post from back in the day sorted it out for me. Since I'm using OneDrive (dumb, I know), I'm being hampered by the 4MB attachment limit.

As per uxamanda's post, I eliminated all attachments bigger than 4MB, ran the sync again...

...waited a couple of ice ages....

...and my notebooks and tags were back in Android. Relief! Again. I can stop looking at "How to
get back to Evernote". Again.

So, if anyone runs into this, anyone using OneDrive, at least, use Tools-> Note Attachments and
prune those "huge" 4MB plus "monsters" OneDrive doesn't like.

i'm using webdav over synology. is there a limit there? cuz my notebooks are not syncing anymore after reinstall

I don't believe there's a limit on Joplin. Are you getting any errors?

no errors in the logs

Are you sure that the sync ran to completion? Sometimes it can be a bit slow and it only runs when Joplin is in foreground (and the screen must be on too, I believe)

ok i will increase my screen timeout to the maximum and then keep joplinapp in the foreground with sync on to see if it works. thank you for your helpful suggestion.

I'm having this problem while using Dropbox, notes are fine but notebooks and tags do not sync to Android. Does anyone know any fix or workaround?