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Android - reinstall - notebooks and tags are not synchronizing

Due to having had to perform a hard reset, I've needed to reinstall Joplin on Android 11.

When I synchronize (OneDrive) the tags and the folders are not brought across.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, the problem persists. Losing the folder structure is a major
problem for me, as well as the tags.

What am I missing?

  • The version you are using.
    Android 1.26

  • The operating system you are using.
    Android 11

  • If you can also please provide a log, as described here: https://joplinapp.org/debugging
    Interestingly, if I "export debug report", I get a confirmation message, but nothing gets saved.
    ALL PERMISSIONS GRANTED: camera, files, location

Hello. For whomever runs into a similar problem, checking uxamanda's post from back in the day sorted it out for me. Since I'm using OneDrive (dumb, I know), I'm being hampered by the 4MB attachment limit.

As per uxamanda's post, I eliminated all attachments bigger than 4MB, ran the sync again...

...waited a couple of ice ages....

...and my notebooks and tags were back in Android. Relief! Again. I can stop looking at "How to
get back to Evernote". Again.

So, if anyone runs into this, anyone using OneDrive, at least, use Tools-> Note Attachments and
prune those "huge" 4MB plus "monsters" OneDrive doesn't like.

i'm using webdav over synology. is there a limit there? cuz my notebooks are not syncing anymore after reinstall

I don't believe there's a limit on Joplin. Are you getting any errors?

no errors in the logs

Are you sure that the sync ran to completion? Sometimes it can be a bit slow and it only runs when Joplin is in foreground (and the screen must be on too, I believe)

ok i will increase my screen timeout to the maximum and then keep joplinapp in the foreground with sync on to see if it works. thank you for your helpful suggestion.