Andoid lists don't update after sync

There's a list refresh bug in Joplin for Android. I think this will reproduce it reliably:

  1. Ensure Joplin Android is closed, but if necessary first configure the "All Notes" view to sort newest notes at the top, and leave that view open.
  2. Use Joplin on another synced platform to create a new note.
  3. Give that platform enough time to sync the new note.
  4. Open Joplin Android and immediately look at the All Notes view.
  5. Let sync finish. Notice the new note does not appear. Switch to another Notebook list, then back to All Notes, to see the note appear.

The above fails for any notebook, not just for the All Notes view. Basically, it appears list views don't get updated after a sync, unless they are reloaded manually by navigating around via a different Notebook or view.

This is on Joplin Android 1.7.5 and at least several prior versions.

I imagine others have experienced this?

I've also noticed this. Was puzzled at first, but now I'm used to just manually reloading. For me, it's a bug I can live with since I rarely actually use the Android app, but I agree that it could be an annoying bug.

Yeah, I actually posted about other bugs before I realized that they were just instances of this display issue.

Bugs should be reported as issue on GitHub to keep track of them.

Ok, done:

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