I don’t know how to create an anchors in Joplin. How to do?

what do you call anchors ?

I mean link to a part of the note. For example, click here and go to another part of the same note


[link name](#heading11) 

# heading1
# heading2
# heading3
# heading4
# heading11

then the "link name" will guide you to heading 11

in case of the long heading title use - between each word

[link name](#long-heading-11)

# long heading 11

in case you can use

[[ toc ]]

if you plan to use this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks. I already use the TOC feature but I couldn’t figure out to use anchors on my own.

Can I also use sources different from headings? Or are they the ones you can point to?

have a look at

Ok. I have to use HTML <a name="anchor"></a>.
Thanks again.

fine :wave::+1:

What if I want to direct to a 2nd-level heading ##ABC ?