How to add a link to a section or back to top?

Joplin 1.1.4 (prod, linux)
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Revision: 9610b7e (master)

Hi all,

My Joplin version is as above (Desktop app on Ubuntu 20.04).
Is there a way to use links that will take me to references within a note?
For example, if i wanted to have a link on the bottom of the page - how do I use markdown add a "back to top" link?


The Outline plugin will do this with headings, if that helps. It provides a TOC in a separate panel which has clickable links.

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Thank you for the quick response! That certainly is one solution.
Is my desired feature not available out of the box in markdown?

I create internal links manually.

For example :
Go to a section in the same note

## My header

Go to a section in another note

[My header in another note](:/0dcc9260bca44a288f6c591b4d0043b8#my-header)

Note that in the anchor, the string is lowercase, spaces must be replaced by -
And of course, you need the joplin link to the target note


I find this works only sometimes. For example, if I have one at bottom of note that returns me to header at top of note, it will work once, then if I scroll back down and click again, it no longer works. If I come back to the note later, it will work again, but not in succession as described here.

I notice similar behavior with markdown footnotes.

That's a bug, I seem to recall fixing it (over a year ago), but it looks like it's come back. I'll look into it again when I find some time.


This has been fixed and will work correctly in the next release.

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