Alarm on note

I think it would be nice to be able to set alarms for regular notes as well - not just notes of the to-do type.

Rationale: Sometimes I want to be reminded of a note a long time in the future, but I do not need to see that note on top of my list (along with the todos) all the time until then.

What do you think?


I agree. This would be a handy feature that you can optionally turn on.

Also to have repeated reminds like in Google Keep would be amazing!


@laurent would this be very complicated to make available for notes as well? If not, could you just point me to a file and I look into it.


It would be because it doesn’t fit Joplin’s model. Notes are just notes. To-dos are notes but with additional properties: is_todo, todo_completed, todo_due, etc. (it’s based on the iCal spec). The todo_due is a date that tells when the task should be done, and that’s what is used to set up the alarm, and notes don’t have this.

I can see why it would be useful but I can’t think of any simple solution (I guess a way that would work now would be to move the task to a notebook that’s not often used, so you won’t see the note)

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Ah, I see. Too bad. Thanks for the info.

This would make sense. Todo should not be the only thing that has alarms.




Please add alarms to notes aswell


Why cant notes have alarms too?

The answer is here:

I also would like to see this. Maybe something for the currently developed plugin system…


My suggestion is to use
-tags for those notes, or
-place them into an own notebook
and additionaly creating a search-note (with use of the overview-plugin), that looks for these tags/notebooks, or

  • using the favorites-plugin,
  • or ...