After updating server-v2.10.3, the mac synchronization error

mac ver: Joplin 2.9.17
After updating server-v2.10.3, the mac synchronization error: Error: Missing required property: type_:

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Rollback to Joplin Server 2.9.7 and restore to normal

Same here with desktop 2.9.17 on my mac M2 and server 2.10.3. Had to rollback server to 2.9.7.

Same. Just about to leave on vacation - I guess I'll do without syncing for a while, lol.

Please try again /latest

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Confirmed this latest pull fixed my docker sync issue on Windows 2.9.17

Server 2.10.4 seems to be ok, thanks !

Same problem after updating the server to version 2.10.3 sync problems with iOS devices and macOS desktop. The latest version 2.10.4 fixed the issue for me!

I just wanted to say thank you for the quick update!

This is an amazing project with excellent leadership.

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