Quick note likes OneNote

OneNote's quick note is great, it creates a new mini-window where I can record and extract notes from web pages, documents, and ebooks.

Joplin could introduce a similar quick note mode. A small window is created and the user can set it to appear at the top of the screen. The small window then does not take up too much screen space and the user can use other software and activate the focus of the small window to take notes if needed.

What is the Joplin development team's assessment of this? Has consideration been given to introducing similar functionality to Joplin?


This is a good idea and I do that constantly but with Notepad++. I launch it, resize the window to make it small and off to the side then make it Always on Top to paste notes.

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This would be a great feature to add to Joplin.

Currently I work around this issue using VS Code, the Joplin plugin, and then create a new window from a Joplin note. This is rather convoluted and not as flexible as the OneNote feature but it does work now.

I use vscode too. I've installed the Joplin plug-in. Could you share your workaround?


The workaround is as above.

Open your note in a new window in VS Code, using the Joplin plugin. You can then treat the new window similar to how you would treat a OneNote quick note. Useful for hovering your notetaking window over or beside whatever application you are taking notes about.