Adding new Tablet

New install on a tablet: How do I set this up seeing it's db is empty?
I'm asking because I've not dome this in a long while and the last time I screwed things up pretty nicely - but that was a PC.
Can't remember how I did it on my other tablet.
AND is there a switch to allow it to look like the desktop instead of mobile?
I've this is already in a wiki or discussed, by all means point the way.

The 2nd question I cannot answer, it may depend on whether your tabled is iOS or Android. I assume you' re trying to add a tablet and sync it with your existing Joplin desktop db, correct ?
In this case, best way to set it up (my opinion) is to install the app, goto settings -> sync settings, select the same target you are using on your desktop and sync. It will ask you for your master password (which you do have, right ?) after the first successful sync.

Left a lot out - wow:
It's going to a webdav server that a few PC's and tab's share - If I just sync it for the first time that will NOT over-write the server as there is no data in the new install? It'll sync to the tab? That happened once - messy.

It's a droid tablet.

I believe that the latest version of joplin does have the solution for you.
Goto -> settings -> sync -> show advanced settings, and play with commands you find there.
Good luck !

Looks like the question is moot. The app didn't take my sync settings (no time, manual sync) and as I just opened it to start looking, it had sync'd correctly with the server.
Thank you for answering.
I've noticed in the latest 'droid app, that the number of note/articles/etc under/next to each entry is missing - permanently changed?

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