Joplin on my new phone is blank and I don't know how to get my notes back on the phone

My new phone has the Joplin app on it but it's blank. The app is syncing properly on my iPad and my Mac but I can't figure out how to get those notes on the phone. If I have a password, I can't find it.

Hi, have you set up the sync target (dropbox, onedrive, webdav, joplin cloud) on your android phone already ?

Hi…iPhone…I told it Dropbox but I can’t see how to set it up.

When I select Dropbox, it doesn’t stick. My other devices say dropbox

Alright, could you reinstall the app and try again?

I did reinstall. I don’t think that was the problem. I went deeper in the instructions. Not exactly intuitive, but I’m good now. Thanks for the help.

I have the same issue. Got a new phone and doesn’t sync with my WebDAV notes. What instructions are you referring to?

All my settings were imported from my previous phone and when I opened the Joplin iOS app for the first time it’s like I started from scratch. My WebDAV settings didn’t change from one phone to another. I cannot find an import tool on the iOS app as this is the only Joplin app I use (I don’t use command line or desktop)..

Is there some kind of setting within some of the Joplin files on my WebDAV server where the Joplin app will sense there are existing files and load and list them on the iOS app?

Thanks for any help.

To try to work around this - I installed the linux desktop version and pointed my synchronisation to my webdav server (same as I did for the iOS app). By default the desktop app has the 'Welcome! (Desktop)" and "Welcome! (Mobile)" Notebooks showing. When I added my webdav url to the desktop app, it added my user-created notebook that exists on my webdav server and lists it under the 'All notes' menu listing on the left of the desktop app. So that part is working fine but when I follow the same general steps of adding a sync target, it still isn't showing my webdav notebook on my iOS app. It only shows the 'Welcome! (Mobile)" notebook and not the webdav notebook when the synchronisation url/link is added.

Any ideas?

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