Add checklist autopopulate

On Android when working on a checklist you have to type in
- [ ]
On the Mac Desktop app, once you did the first line. Pressing enter auto populates that on the next line, that doesn’t happen on Android, it would be nice it does tho’.

What I’ve been ending up doing is to copy and paste that, but in one of my devices (a Samsung S9+) it has the curved edges, selecting that is almost impossible.


Same here, this renders Joplin unusable for simple things like shopping lists.
I wanted to replace google keep with this feature but no way to convince my family members to edit the list in this complicated way.

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Yes - agree with the checklist. I really like how GK puts the checked item at the bottom of the screen/list and you can untick it and bring it back to the “unchecked” area of the shopping list. Great for items that you always buy.

I don’t mind typing in the “- []” every time but if it followed the same behaviour as GK as described above, would be great. Is there a way to do this?


I'm willing to take a look into the code to start working on this. It'll take some time to familiarize myself with the code base though.

Autopopulate would be great. :+1:

But I think it would be even better if there was a button to simply create a checklist where I do not have to type - [ ] with my onscreen keyboard at all. That is really a PITA.

So my suggestion would be to ad a button to create checklist with starts the first line with a checkbox and the autopopulate when creating a new line.
And/or add a new option inside the notebook where I can create a new checklist like I already can create a new note or a new task.
Just like in Google Keep.

I would like to recommend Joplin to my parents to for notes and shopping lists.
But this might be a deal breaker. :frowning_face:

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Maybe, as a workaround, add a simple check list template that suits you, e.g.:

# Check List
- [ ] 

And thereafter use Ctrl+Alt+I to quickly insert a new list into your current note. Or use the File Menu to create a new Check List/Tasks note.

Thanks. I did not knew about Templates, yet.

But I should have clarified my issue is with the mobile version (Android). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
And it seems Templates are not supported by the Android App.

APP may be more suitable as a viewer

@CWempe, On Android I don't do so much editing, as it can be a bit awkward; good for viewing as @rxliuli says.

For those times that I do, I've made some keyboard shortcuts.

For example, when I swipe the letters td it inserts - [ ] for to do, or toc to give me [toc] for table of contents, etc., this takes the pain out of editing in Joplin on Android to some extent.

Here I'm using Gboard the Google Android keyboard and can set up these under Settings/Language and Input/Personal Dictionary, other keyboards may have similar functionality.


That's a good workaround.
I will configure it end probably forget it when I want to use it the next time. :laughing:

But it is definitely not for the average user.

Yep, same here, when I created the request, I was talking about Android, where is more difficult, to type - [ ]

I don't have issues with mac, windows or linux app since is not that difficult to write it once and it auto-populates on pressing enter for the subsequent lines, that doesn't happen on Android

Yes I only use iOS and I only use it on my iPhone as I have a WebDAV backend to store the files on my server. So I agree, typing “- [ ] “ every time, multiple times, is extremely a PITA, even when I copy and paste a few lines at a time... If there was a template, that would work for me or like it was suggested above, an option for a “new checklist” that is shown in the pop up for the new item button.