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Add checklist autopopulate

On Android when working on a checklist you have to type in
- [ ]
On the Mac Desktop app, once you did the first line. Pressing enter auto populates that on the next line, that doesn’t happen on Android, it would be nice it does tho’.

What I’ve been ending up doing is to copy and paste that, but in one of my devices (a Samsung S9+) it has the curved edges, selecting that is almost impossible.


Same here, this renders Joplin unusable for simple things like shopping lists.
I wanted to replace google keep with this feature but no way to convince my family members to edit the list in this complicated way.

Yes - agree with the checklist. I really like how GK puts the checked item at the bottom of the screen/list and you can untick it and bring it back to the “unchecked” area of the shopping list. Great for items that you always buy.

I don’t mind typing in the “- []” every time but if it followed the same behaviour as GK as described above, would be great. Is there a way to do this?