Shortcut feature

Hello, my operating system is the latest version of Win11, and my Joplin software is also up-to-date. However, I can't seem to find the shortcut feature, like the one in Evernote, where you can pin frequently used notes to the top.
Has this feature not been developed yet?
If not, could it be added?
The common situation is that there are a lot of notes, and it's essential to quickly find the most frequently used ones.
If we could pin these commonly used notes on the side and top (similar to browser bookmarks), it would be even more convenient.
Thank you.


Hello, there's a plugin called "Favorites" in Joplin Plugin store that something very similar


This is indeed one way, and it works well. Remember you can move the fav list around within the Joplin window by changing the application layout.
Another way of doing what you're asking for is using tags. E.g. create a tag "priority" or "frequent use" etc. It shows in the list of tags on the bottom of the side bar. All yo have to do is add the tag to all the notes you like to find that way.

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Thank you, your layout adjustment technique is really fantastic, and it perfectly achieves the desired effect.