Access 'resources" on dropbox directly

I tried to export a notebook to The .md file went through ok. But the attachments didn’t. No big surprise. I thought, I could live with that, if I can go over the exported files (not the originals), edit the file links (by find and replace), so they all point to the files that are synced to dropbox anyway, specifying a full url instead of the relative links used within Joplin.

But I recall reading some warning about messing or accessing the files on the sync service directly. Would Joplin feel conflicted if I occasionally access a dropbox file (attachments, not note pages) from a link on a page somewhere on the web ?

(Joplin 1.0.193)

p.s: The .md files didn’t go through quite ok: all url links were broken. I thought they are coded in as part of the markdown syntax. What is the way to preserve links upon export?

Can you show an example of a url that was broken before and after export? Url’s are just plain text so they shouldn’t change, but if they do, then it’s a bug.

I suspect this wouldn’t work that smoothly because of Dropbox, it’s something you’d have to try though. From the Joplin side, things are pretty stable so you shouldn’t have any issues. But of course there is no warranty on that, and if a Joplin update moves things around it would damage your workflow.

How shall I share 'em?

On Joplin desktop, orig. created from Android Chrome share menu:

and on Notion:

On Joplin, orig. pasted manually into page, on android:

and on notion:

I don’t see what the issue with links is, is it just in the title of that one note? The other links seem okay to me. I did some testing and I can’t reproduce your issue.

Joplin saves notes with the title as the filename, which unfortunately means that urls get messed up because the forward slash (/) is also used in filesystems and thus isn’t part of a valid filename.

The issue doesn’t appear within Joplin. The links work there, in the page body. The issue is with files exported from Joplin and imported by Notion. There, curiously, links don’t persist, although both apps say they support markdown.

My guess is something weird is going on with Notion imports, you might be able to get some support on their forums. I’m not able to duplicate this issue with exported Joplin files.

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