Absolute path to external SD card

Hello, I’m trying set the app to synchronize to my external SD card. However all the paths I’ve tried so far fail. I did get sdcard/Joplin to work but that syncs to the phone internal storage. I tried storage/extSdCard but that wasn’t successful. Appreciate any help. I have a Samsung Note 8.
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Hello, what’s the error message?

Depending on the path, it does nothing. But sometimes will give error as in attached image.


Does the app had permission to access the storage?

Yes. Since you have to type in the path manually, I suspect the issue is I’m not sure which convention Joplin is looking for. I’ve tried copying the path name from two different file explorers without success.

I normally use Total Commander as a file browser and it shows the full paths, eg /storage/emulated/0/Joplin

That path still resolves to the internal storage.

Total Commander lists the file path to the external sdcard

Does the app has access to this external storage? In my experience most directories in external SD cards are read-only, except app-specific directories under (I think) /Android.

Give app permission to change storage location. You can also check cardgenerator.io for this.