About including TikZ or analogous libraries for graphics

I am using Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS, and Joplin 2.6.10.

My question is not one regarding troubleshooting or bugs but more of an invitation for people (who probably faced similar requirements) to kindly help me out with a few things.

I use Joplin extensively for taking down notes, and there is usually quite a bit of math involved. The KaTeX plugin is usually extremely efficient with rendering all my equations. However, at times, I find the need to include some diagram (say a Feynman diagram or a small graph or an annotated equation, for clarity) in my notes. On a pdfLaTeX compiler itself, I simply use the TikZ package for this. However, KaTeX does not support TikZ as of yet.

I would love to know if anyone else had similar requirements and if you could do anything about it.

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This is something that is unlikely to be included in the main application but providing there is a js library for it then it might be possible via plugin if you want to write one or can find somebody who wishes to do it.

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I understand; this is a rather esoteric use of the app.

I simply wanted to know if others already have faced a similar predicament, and if they did, what did they do about it.

For annotated equations, do you use something that Katex does not support? It is quite flexible. (I mostly use \underbrace, I am not sure what you want to do)

I use Joplin to take notes on mathematics as well, it might not be the largest crowd but there are some of us here.

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I do mainly use the underbrace feature as well, but I came across another GitHub repository, which seemed pretty cool but has TikZ dependency. I faced similar problems when I had to draw graphs and Feynman diagrams or simply some helpful diagrams to show maps etc.

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