Support dot graphs

Joplin is a nice tool for notes that contain images, tables or lists, but sometimes you have data you want to represent as a graph.
Hence it would be nice, if Joplin would support dot graphs.
The nicest integration would be inline graphs for markdown files.
Since this might be complicated, I would already see support for dot files (the whole note is treated as dot file and displayed as such) as a big improvement.

I looked around a bit and found a really nice JavaScript editor (but i have no idea how to integrate it or how much work this would be):

Mermaid will be available in the next release.

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Mermaid doesn't support many different types of diagram. Eg commutative diagrams or simply graphs -- nodes and (optionally directed) edges, with annotations. Graphviz support would be great -- equivalent to support available in markdown-preview-enhanced.