Is there any way to draw Feynman diagrams in Joplin?

I am sure that this is quite superfluous at this point in time, but man, what a great app! I have shifted almost exclusively to using this app for making notes on the fly simply because of how comfortable and fast it is.

This actually directly brings me to the meat of my problem: is there any way to elegantly draw Feynman diagrams within Joplin (a la TikZ-feynman in LaTeX)? I understand that KaTeX which is used by Joplin cannot have TikZ support.

What I did try was to use this library on Github called FeynmanJS which makes use of Javascript to render Feynman diagrams. However, I am unable to include these graphics inline while I am taking down my notes. The only workaround seems to be to store the diagram in an HTML file and open it in a browser, copy the SVG element which contains the diagram and paste the element inline. Apart from the fact that this is quite cumbersome, the element tends to be huge and very unwieldy to work with.

Hence I wanted to ask whether there are any easy ways to construct Feynman diagrams within the app.

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