Ability to temporary mark a note/todo/notebook as readonly

Add a quick way to mark and unmark a note/todo/notebook as read only.
Read-only state should be saved and synced.



I could use this a lot if it could be applied to mobile devices. Let them look but not touch.

Will it someday be possible to mark a notebook and/or individual notes as read-only? I am sharing a library with family members. Each member has their own personal folder, but also read-write access to all the other folders. We share a lot of trust between us - I don't think anyone would do anything malicious - and I make regular backups and have turned on the feature that saves previous versions - all of that is really good - but there is one folder that is of interest to all of us as a reference, and it would be good to protect it from inadvertent change, or even well-intended intentional change except by selected members.