Note has a checkbox - What's that?

[Newbie... sorry for the dumb questions]
Just getting started and noticed that one of my notes has a checkbox. Don't know how it got there. What is it for?

ALSO, I'm just starting to move from OneNote. I don't see a ENEX export option so cut & paste for 10+ years of OneNotes will be painfully slow. Any suggestions?


this is a ToDo where you can set a due date and for the set due date Joplin triggers a notification.

Create ToDo


Toggel ToDo / Note


Set ToDo Date

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Got it. Thx.

ENEX is a proprietory format developed by Evernote. You could use Evernote‘s import options to access your OneNote data and then export as ENEX. On GitHub you can find a Markdown exporter for OneNote (MD is Joplin‘s native format), but that seems to be rather experimental to me.

It's been awhile since I used my Evernote account and I don't remember how to import from OneNote... and I can't find it on the interface. Help!

I deleted my Evernote account some time ago, but maybe this link could help:

I was looking at the web-based Evernote; found it on the desktop EN. Thx.