Mark "Done" To-Do Notes

I think it would be super useful to be able to mark a to-do list note as "done" by strikethrough-ing the note's name in the list of notes. This would allow users to see at a glance if a note with a lot of to-do items in it had anything left undone.

This could be done by finding all the to-do items in the note and seeing if any are left incomplete. I would also propose that if it contained too much non-to-do text the name wouldn't be struck through (ignoring titles, tables(?), headers and lists for this check). Maybe this would be disabled manually instead?

I don't think this would be very complicated to implement and could probably be done with just a plugin but I think the exact spec being nailed down is the problem.

You already can do this manually. Right click on the note, then click "Switch between note and to-do type". The note will now have a checkbox, if you check this, the note will be strikethrough.

Or do you want this automatically?

I had pictured it being automatic but now I know you can tick off notes I don't really mind so much :grin:

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